Posted on March 25, 2013


So I got inspired to spend oh, two weeks going back to JavaScript to see about making some simple quizzes.   I found nifty stuff with Jquery but I figure I’d have to figure out AJAX too, to do it right… and JSON and JQuery and…

… and I can’t get even the most basickest thing to happen with the AJAX tutorial, and I have to wonder whether it’s a function of my “legacy” status with my web provider, and whether I need to either upgrade or find another provider before I can do anything else in that department.  Happily, I found my way to the yahoo group about homeschool websites and have a lead on a new provider…

… and happily, it’s Monday and a SNOW DAY, because a FOOT of the stuff came down yesterday.

So I went to this neat times tables quiz in JavaScript and… can’t make it work for me, and don’t know quite enough to make sense of it.  — I can and will get a COBRA (our desire2learn class management software) account so I can use that, but since I want to make things open I want to know how to do ’em like that page is.   I know what *most* of the code is doing… but not, f’rinstance, this chunk:

function increment_span(span_name) {
var num = parseInt($(span_name).html());
num += 1;

I know what .tostring does, but not what the second line (after parseInt) does.   (But yes, I love being able to do the search thing to find what that stuff does).

So, I figured I would spend day 2 of my “two weeks with JavaScript” on codecademy since doesn’t have anything that matches either.  Figuring out just what the assorted things at jquery *do*  is a bit of a bunbight…

… so I go over there and, well, it’s a warning to me that what I am doing is going to take forever… but I’ll give myself two weeks to define ‘forever.’   12 more days 🙂

Back to it… and while the world kinda stopped, it’s a soggy snow so the roads in town are *fine* from the original plow through. It’s too heavy to blow over and the ground is well above freezing ’cause it was 50 degrees on Saturday (and shoudl be again Friday). I’ll get the Gazelle out and wander to Meijer as Cabin Fever Prevention and to see whether that booted tyre is sound (it’s got a real gouge in it, so I stuck a chunk of cardboard in there).

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