Texas and Algebra II

Posted on March 19, 2013


an article in the HOuston Chronicle describes debating whether or not Algebra II should be required for high school graduation.

It’s the usual… but so far the *most* popular comment is the one that says “I was one of the punks that thought I would never use algebra in the real world. I was wrong.”  (21 thumbs up).   Alas, its replies are one “really? how?”  and the rest “you liberals think…” kind of thing.

It’s *almost* worth scratching out the inane political drivel posts and then tallying the “thumbs up” vs. “thumbs down” that reflect opinions that people should know more math than they do.   Another painfully popular post was the one that said he’d hired two high school (students? grads? I forget) who had to be taught to add fractions.

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