Story line, story line

Posted on March 14, 2013


… it’s not a two blogger day at all; I’ve been doin’ surfing and tweeting and the concept of having a story involved in learning keeps coming up… and making the activity itself be reasonably fun.   (However, the essay about the fun could be interpreted as meaning that okay, if the activity isn’t fun, you can build in ‘extrinsic’ rewards to motivate.)

And hey, we’ve got a new pope … tho’ I just can’t get excited about that patriarchal stuff.

Inside Higher Ed has an article about a remedial math program that is concept based and has good results — students go on to be successful in a college level course… except that the “college level course” is in its program, so it’s not really a valid comparison.  To wit:

Slightly more than half (51 percent) of the group completed the one-year track, which includes college-level work for which the students earned credit.

In contrast, only 6 percent of students in remedial math courses at those same institutions earned credits in college-level math in one year. And that number only rose to 24 percent after four years.

“Statway colleges have tripled the success rate in half the time,” said Anthony S. Bryk, Carnegie’s president.

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Inside Higher Ed

[ but i bet the lessons don’t have a good story 😛 😛   ]

Oh, and the comments include the very predictable “they’re just dumbing it down because we don’t make kids learn to do math in grade school any more,” as if that excused the colleges from teaching the folks who’d been failed by their previous schools and teachers.

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