“I’m so lost…”

Posted on March 12, 2013


…. yes, he knew that going over the class powerpoints and notes *right* after class should help — except that he was lost in class, too.  He didn’t know what she meant.     Didn’t take long to establish that the issue was the terminology behind the terminology.   One slide had “performance” on the y axis and “physiological arousal” on the x axis … once we established that physiological was happening in your body (as opposed to your mind) and arousal was your level of excitement, and that the graph was indicating that you really needed to be somewhere in the middle to do your best athletic job (this is kinesiology class ;))… and then there was that “cognitive anxiety” and “somatic anxiety.”   Once he knew that cognitive was about thinking and somatic was about physical feeling,  it made more sense that that theory suggested that feeling a little anxious could be good, but the “thinking” part of anxiety hurt your performance.

Proposed solution:   bring laptop to class and add notes directly to the powerpoint, first (he had no idea that he could edit the powerpoint).   He was also seriously losing content because he was still taking notes while she was talking… (note to self:   tell him about Livescribe but include that you don’t run around recording people w/o permission). Then he’ll figuer out which words he needs to know… I suggested flashcards.

Note to self: In this case, the vocabulary issue came clear quickly… I should watch for it other times, too.  The contextual boosting of the vocabulary could have sweet long-term benefits.

And on another note, I’m almost through the OER training….

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