SoundChannel Actionscript Stop is Not A Function

Posted on March 7, 2013


So!   I made a nice audio file for my little movie.  I put it in the library.  I figured out how to get it to play *only* when somebody hits the play button… but you know what?   sound files can play, but… they can’t stop. 

They can’t pause, either.

I googled the error message and was duly informed that hey, “sound’ class couldn’t stop but SoundCHannel could. Yipp33!  I could change my base clase …

… oops, I am duly informed that The Flogging Program Will Tell Me What THe Base Class Is, thank you, and it Cannot Be Edited. 

    Just sayin’ — it’s REALLY stoooooopid not to be able to stop an audio file from playing. 

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