“rough” for interval notation

Posted on March 7, 2013


Our Math 095 course teaches Interval Notation in chapter 1, at the beginning of the year.   It causes stress — oddly, one of the things that causes the most stress is “why do they use parentheses sometimes and brackets other times?”  but that could be simply that it’s de-emphasized in the classroom in favor of teaching the concept of interval notation.  (I’m not in the classroom so I don’t know; that’s  what they come down to the tutoring lab and say.)

It’s one of those things I say in almost exactly the same way to almost everybody, so it makes sense to virtualize it.  I put together a five-minute explanation in Flash (thinking it would be a great “before and after” example if I then went back and *really* animated it, instead of just “making it visual” which is what I had intended to do before I took that 2D animation course).

PEr yesterday’s blog, Flash is not being particularly cooperative. If I put an audio file in it, then pausing the video won’t pause the audio.   I tried putting that into the “click” function and got “stop is not a function.”  I hope this is an indication that Actionscript has issues and not an indication that since I took an hour and half not figuring it out, I’ll spend even longer not figuring things out when I try to learn Java come the fall.   It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.   If I so much as define the variable as the audio file, it plays of its own accord.  However, it sort fo sometimes needs to be told to play. And, of course, I can’t tell it to stop.

http://resourceroom.net/math/roughvids/intervalNotationRough.swf  is where it lives.   If you hit pause, the audio will keep going — and if you hit play, another one will start on top of it. (Turning off your sound might prevent insanity ;).   It’s all captioned so sound isn’t necessary anyway to get the drift.

I think I’ll do it up again using my handy-dandy Livescribe Pen and make a narrated PDF of the lesson, perhaps in two or three chunks.  It might end up being moreuseful than the Flash anyway, especially since I haven’t done such a good job of using color, etc.