behind the scenes

Posted on February 19, 2013


… things are happening.  The math teacher I created the “pre-pre-algebra concepts” module with has been given the Transitions classes with smaller class sizes than the previous classes where they used Aleks.   I’ve helped some of the folks with Aleks and I do like the choices of problems at that level — but pray do not pretend that the software has instruction.  Fortunately there is a good teacher…

My solution:   to collaborate and assemble something better, between now and August.

Concepts R Us!   I’m thinking:  Lots and lots of conversions and ratios.   Lots of applied subtraction adn addition per Dorothea Steinke’s Parts and Wholes. Get them knowing their floggin’ times tables and what division is.   Frankly, that would be enough… Oh, and per that discussion I just had about the late start English class… keep in mind from DAY ONE that this level class is also All About That Non-Academic Stuff You Knead to know and do, too…

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