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“real life” math

February 27, 2013


I’m liking our new “math literacy” course.   It’s still a challenge, though, when the student is presented with a problem and I want to shine a flashlight on the path to figuring out how to do it, not plop them in a motorized cognitive wheelchair and zip them to their “got the assignment done” […]

The long answer about nagging and reminding

February 26, 2013


It’s been a long time since this morning — so I’m not going to go back and try to find the re”tweet” I’m responding to here. It was to the tune of “our students will come to need whatever reminders we give them.  Nagging and reminding don’t create independence.” I replied that telling somebody that […]


February 25, 2013


I successfully figured out how to add “pause” adn “play” and going forward & backwards one frame at a time to my movie. Hmmm… will try to have something sharable by the end of the month, maybe even audio. I was wishing for a pause button for the student I was working with this morning.   […]

“two big problems” with online courses

February 21, 2013

0 First problem:  high attrition.  Second: “courses delivered solely online may be fine for highly skilled, highly motivated people, but they are inappropriate for struggling students who make up a significant portion of college enrollment and who need close contact with instructors to succeed.” “But, so far, the evidence shows that poorly designed courses can […]

behind the scenes

February 19, 2013


… things are happening.  The math teacher I created the “pre-pre-algebra concepts” module with has been given the Transitions classes with smaller class sizes than the previous classes where they used Aleks.   I’ve helped some of the folks with Aleks and I do like the choices of problems at that level — but pray […]

No walk in the PARCC…

February 2, 2013

2 PARCC stands for the “Partnership fo Assessment of REadiness for College and Careers.” I spend most of my working week providing academic support to students who, for myriad reasons, have myriad small and big gaps in their “readiness” for college. I have nothing against placement tests to a point; I couldn’t spend my days […]