seems to poop out…

Posted on January 28, 2013


So, last year I discovered and found a nice number of interesting articles & web stuff about math education. I’d gotten away from it, though.
Went back to it and, alas, it seems that it’s now pretty much a pooper scooper. Most of the “hits” are spammy trash about celebrities. (I suppose having “adult” in the “adult math education” mix might have something to do with it.)
Decided to push to have something animated and sharable every Wednesday night. Don’t hold your breath — the first will be an explanation of interval notation with images… and then the next week I’ll be giving it a “principles of animation” makeover. However, it’ll be kinda like your 8 your old giving a doll a makeover… but the only way to learn it is to do it 🙂
The next Wednesday will be an animated word problem (as in, making the key words stand out with guidance for figuring out parts and wholes).
Happy Monday — at 50 degrees, I generated gobs of endorphins on the ride in, *and* we’re supposed to get rain. Rain is a good thing.

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