Posted on January 25, 2013


… and until right about now (4:45) I had as many as 8 folks in here, just grappling with their assorted academics and *mostly* trying to get them done and understood as pretty independent learners, which is a really good thing, since it models it for the ones who are nervous or still in high school mode (“well, I showed up…”).
We have an awesome conceptual lesson for the x’s Monday. Pie plates with an equals sign between ’em, very like unto the circles upon which we wrote about parts and wholes. We’re going to translate the “?” into X… and then show that okay, we know that if you have an “I know one part and the whole” situation that you’re going to be subtracting to find that little part… that we can also show that by subtracting from both sides of the equation. We’ll see how it goes…

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