Begun it has~

Posted on January 14, 2013


    It’s the First day of classes!   And yes, it’s already fairly busy back here, though not “rush hour” busy as it will be.

  It’s also  The first meeting of our 3-student “prep for pre-algebra” conceptual tutorial, and it feels like a very good match.   We’re using Dorothea Steinke’s “Math for Adults” that teaches students that “equality” is generally taking some amount and talking about the whole thing and what it would be broken into parts… and that some problems give you the whole thing, so you need to shrink things down and find the part… and sometimes they give you the part and you need to put ’em together to get the whole thing.   I have included the idea in tutoring and discussions of stuff from the regular curriculum, but for this four weeks we are teaching this thinking and then plugging pieces of the curriculum into it. 

   We also got people into the Dreambox program, for 10-15 minutes of playing around. We had them all try the “jumping 10” lesson, and it was fun watching them make the connection and get faster and faster at the jumps on the number line.   I am curious as to whether/how they will make the Big Connections, and gave them nudges in that direction.  To wit:  they did jumps of ten to get from, say, 47 to 57 to 67… then the equation “47 + 20” would appear above.   Then they’d have a jump of 4… and 47 + 24 = ___ would be the equation.   Now, I am not about to assume that they even read that equation.   THey’re programmed to Find The Answer And Plug It In.   Thus, I pointed out the progression of equations to them.  We shall see!   We also realized that what with missing next Monday for the holiday, we can get another Monday in at the end 🙂

I am also simply curious about whether badges and rewards will be motivating. (I think so and hope so.)

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