Animation and … dreambox…

Posted on January 8, 2013


   We’re going to try Dreambox.   I remember trying Corrective Reading as a very new teacher, having observed that when I suggested my junior high kiddos “sound out” words they had no idea what I was talking about.   It’s completely.   scripted.   I am not. 

    However, I think if you’re going to try somethign, you need to have faith and make a good faith effort.   So we did the experiment — I said we’d try it for two weeks and… it worked amazingly well. I was a conductor, and we had our language… while we were doing that task.   It was sometimes boring for me — but I didn’t let it show and… they loved it.  They were intensely engaged.   THeir reading got significantly better (especially since we did it for the rest of the year). 

     So.   Dreambox is “100% student driven.”   THat is to say, 100% driven by the algorithmic response to the student activity.  And I don’t know how well the designers know how to do this (but I *do* know that it was designed for kids).  

    I really like the theory behind it… so it’s worth a good faith effort.   However.   I’m even more motivated to make my own… and since our first lessons are in number sense I’m going to animate the number line.   That would be, do some creative zooming in and zooming out with assorted examples of addition and subtraction problems that deal with the “parts and wholes” concepts.  

  First I’m going to tidy my desk and prepare to do a cycling training video at the bike shop tonight. Last year I didn’t do as much of that stuff to save time — but it doesn’t.   When I’m fit, I’m more focused.   Then I’ll have to prove that to myself tomorrow 🙂

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