Posted on January 1, 2013


REally I’ve just got a tired brain. I dashed out to the bike shop and got back before the snow started sticking, and 10 miles on the bike is a nice wake-up. Actionscript just isn’t cooperating, though; I almost successfully made a blackjack game following the CS3 directions, successfully working around where the tutorial didn’t really make up for not having the exercise files. I’d successfully made the “drag and drop” game per the more recent CS5 tutorial. They don’t work well togehter though; I still completely flop at trying to get my main timeline to call up and do something with another class (as in, getting anything at all to work, at all). Googling got me somebody who said that they’d created my error message by calling the function both in the “class” statement and in the timeline so I’d hoped that by getting rid of the “class statement” (which didn’t exist in CS3), I could get something rolling, but it insists that I am trying to do a “hit test object” — when I took all that code out. So it was time to put that up, and I did. Tomorrow I am hoping it will look different.
But hey, last night I looked at the rest of the Lynda.com tutorials and yes, there’s an “essential skills” for Java proper. 7 hrs 17 minutes it is… so I figure my break will be spent on four prongs: Actionscript, Java, regular flash and low-low-tech manipulatives and pencil and paper stuff so that on the fourteenth, there *will* be some really good lessons regardless. I *will* have an animation of interval notation. Maybe I’ll figure out how to play the flash and use Camtasia to narrate it. Weather permitting I’ll be driving to Maryland for the weekend and I’ll have notes recorded to listen to and study…

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