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January 28, 2013


So, last year I discovered and found a nice number of interesting articles & web stuff about math education. I’d gotten away from it, though. Went back to it and, alas, it seems that it’s now pretty much a pooper scooper. Most of the “hits” are spammy trash about celebrities. (I suppose having “adult” […]


January 25, 2013


… and until right about now (4:45) I had as many as 8 folks in here, just grappling with their assorted academics and *mostly* trying to get them done and understood as pretty independent learners, which is a really good thing, since it models it for the ones who are nervous or still in high […]

Class Two

January 17, 2013


We’ve had the “concepts” class MOnday and Wednesday. ONe lady described doing her homework, which involved creating word problem situations based on dining out, with her daughter, who fished a Red Lobster receipt from her bag. I love the notion that math is something you do with your family that’s fun 🙂 Nobody’s spent time […]

Begun it has~

January 14, 2013


    It’s the First day of classes!   And yes, it’s already fairly busy back here, though not “rush hour” busy as it will be.   It’s also  The first meeting of our 3-student “prep for pre-algebra” conceptual tutorial, and it feels like a very good match.   We’re using Dorothea Steinke’s “Math for Adults” that teaches […]

Animation and … dreambox…

January 8, 2013


   We’re going to try Dreambox.   I remember trying Corrective Reading as a very new teacher, having observed that when I suggested my junior high kiddos “sound out” words they had no idea what I was talking about.   It’s completely.   scripted.   I am not.      However, I think if you’re going to try somethign, you […]

Prep Week

January 7, 2013


So! New Academic Year is beginning, with new adventures: the four-week “concept builder” module that I’m helping build, trying out Dreambox assuming we can get things rolling in time. Okay, trying out software isn’t new, but this is the first time the software has students actually manipulating non-symbolic objects on a screen — if I […]


January 1, 2013


REally I’ve just got a tired brain. I dashed out to the bike shop and got back before the snow started sticking, and 10 miles on the bike is a nice wake-up. Actionscript just isn’t cooperating, though; I almost successfully made a blackjack game following the CS3 directions, successfully working around where the tutorial didn’t […]