Here comes 2013~

Posted on December 31, 2012


I went back to see what stuff I was doing this time last year, because I’d started using .   Happily, not too many Grand Unachieved Goals – Wondering whether I should continue making Camtasia stuff while I”m learning Actionscript. My cultivating online community connections (“PLN” to use the jargon) could use some tweaking — I’m Wanting to make sure my “daily stuff” bookmark folder is honestly labeled 🙂  SOme of those pages I didn’t get to often.   However, mainly it’s time to tell the “P” part of my Meyer’s-Briggs “INTP” profile to take a back seat, and that process is a nice thing but it’s “Judgement” time — get something out there.   

     That said, It was nice to read notes to myself anticipating the year ahead and not even realizing just how much I’d learn in 2D animation in directions I’d never imagined. Hey, I won a hunnert bucks 🙂   

     And benefits to completing things notwithstanding, it’s still an ideal time to go back and just go through tutorials that might or might not apply.   So it’s back to trying to figure out that blackjack game….

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