Regardless of zip code…

Posted on December 24, 2012


This youtube TED^x talk by Jessie Woolley-Wilson has only been up for a week (the speech made in NOvember). I’d read about her back when they’d advertised a job and the phrase about educating kids regardless of zip code stuck with me… tho’ good software isn’t going to fix the systems where education just isn’t considered important enough.

She talks about the way amazon and netflix analyze user input to learn what we like, and that their software does that with math, and she provided an example that made me want even more to be a fly on the wall in their design sessions 😉

Interrupting to prep house for CHristmas guests…. last night discovered that it’s a good idea to carol at convents (pre-arranged time), because they have an abundance of treats to share and they know the songs 😉

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