Posted on December 8, 2012


Classes are over — finals are next week. Yes, I had folks in the lab ’til just before 5:00 on Friday.

Decided to start with a “part whole” lesson using the manipulatives we have on hand per “Mortensen Math.”   I don’t have them here with me on a Saturday morning, so I was searching for images to get the colors right and found this: .

Copyright 2011 tells me that somebody’s trying to keep up with the times; I wonder what technology s/he used to animate the blocks (and how much time it took).

Realized working with a student that yes, calculator skills can plop you into a class far above your conceptual development.   If you know how to punch the numbers in and choose the answer for fractions and decimals on a placement test, that doesn’t mean you’re going to understand what they mean in an algebra class.

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