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Here comes 2013~

December 31, 2012


I went back to see what stuff I was doing this time last year, because I’d started using .   Happily, not too many Grand Unachieved Goals – Wondering whether I should continue making Camtasia stuff while I”m learning Actionscript. My cultivating online community connections (“PLN” to use the jargon) could use some tweaking — I’m Wanting […]

Regardless of zip code…

December 24, 2012


This youtube TED^x talk by Jessie Woolley-Wilson has only been up for a week (the speech made in NOvember). I’d read about her back when they’d advertised a job and the phrase about educating kids regardless of zip code stuck with me… tho’ good software isn’t going to fix the systems where education just isn’t […]

ALEKS our “friend”

December 19, 2012


This is a sample size of one. However, when all of my samples of one and all of my anecdotes point the same direction and it’s supported by research… … procedural instruction is hard to make stick, good people. Case in point:   student comes in – having been accepted into Nursing program having gone through […]

Dreambox again…

December 18, 2012


I took another look at teh lessons at and was impressed enough to dash off a quick email inquiring as to whether the lessons had their grade or level stamped on them.   I think it was just after I checked the pricing — $20/student per year, if in a school. Within the hour, the […]

Dreaming of Dreambox…

December 15, 2012


The semester’s done! My grandiose plan of emailing a fun Flash lesson timed so it would arrive during the final didn’t make it (well, I did study for my own final just a little — but just did a few things on the “code correction” and handed it in.  It’s a little funny — now […]

Say it out loud :)

December 13, 2012


So! TOday shall not be a distraction day.    I know how to make a cute drag drop activity in Flash that will only stop and “stay” (well, the target image becomes visible and the dragged image disappears, so it looks like it stopped there).   Next:   apply that to counting rods so that combinations that would […]

What’s missing?

December 11, 2012


Besides time 😉    I looked at some of the videos for math facts per  … I decided that I’m going to make my little activity and show it to a person or two, people who I know are amazing and outstanding teachers but don’t teach math, and see if they can see what I’m […]


December 8, 2012


Classes are over — finals are next week. Yes, I had folks in the lab ’til just before 5:00 on Friday. Decided to start with a “part whole” lesson using the manipulatives we have on hand per “Mortensen Math.”   I don’t have them here with me on a Saturday morning, so I was searching for […]