yea, deadlines.

Posted on November 30, 2012


Welp, something is better than nothing, right?  Maybe (and maybe not).

The “” online “let’s share innovations and rate them” thing would require my full attention to make it work.   I can’t give it my full attention when there are 10 students in the lab all needing “It’s almost the end of the semester!” help.   I figured out things like: no, I couldn’t look at the site in one window to see otehrs’ entries while I did things in another window; it insisted on opening in the same window.  I tried using another browser and got the message that I wasn’t registered at all, so I couldn’t get in. (I stopped short of registering with a different name and email.)

I clicked “upload” … btu I”m pretty sure nothing uploaded (especially since there was an option for “if flash upload doesn’t work.”)

But it’s pushing 4:30 and I only have enough patience for students…

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