Trudge, trudge

Posted on November 12, 2012


I managed to complete an assignment with 18/20 as the grade… that In Real Life Ain’t Gonna Work. That would be the “prototype” for the web page I’d apply my Javascript skill to, for the Javascript class.   Yes, I completed the Things It Was Supposed To Have but… did it communicate?   The critical comment: “I have no idea what your web site will look like.”

I’ve   borrowed the cute user interface stencil thingies and shall struggle forth 🙂

NPR had a little segment today reminiscent of the winning video in #mtt2k:  

So… I’m inspired to put a little more struggle to my tasks 😉

I succeeded in a rather redundant and brutal spewing forth of tables representing raising numbers to powers — but (surprise!) things aren’t really well visually situated.

Today’s task — the aforementioned “lesson plan framework” and… rather enjoying the way wordpress’s “add new post” page has clear boxes and lines that a non-visual girl can follow and thinknig of starting with something like that.

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