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yea, deadlines.

November 30, 2012


Welp, something is better than nothing, right?  Maybe (and maybe not). The “” online “let’s share innovations and rate them” thing would require my full attention to make it work.   I can’t give it my full attention when there are 10 students in the lab all needing “It’s almost the end of the semester!” help.   […]


November 26, 2012


Had a nice Thanksgiving… thankful for family and in-laws who navigate the medical world and keep little brother going.  is accepting submissions for innovations…. this week …. time to get things to taht level.

knowledge vs. performance

November 19, 2012


… so the student has all kinds of trouble plugging in -1/2 into 4(x) + 2… practicing… practicing… Then he’s talking about how many math courses he has to to take.   He’s taking one module per semester.  “How many modules are in this class?” “five.” (pause)  “Then it will take a quarter of a decade […]

webinars deluxe!

November 15, 2012


I just listened to Marilyn Burns talk about using literature in teaching math for grades K-5.  (Scholastic’s “MathReads” product per ) Three of the 30 minutes were wasted because the sound disconnected, and I did have to install software to the computer (I emailed when it seemed it wasn’t going to fly and was told […]

remedial MOOC

November 14, 2012

0    I remember, back in the last century, really liking JSOnline because I could link to articles and they stayed linked (I had a “dyslexics in the news” place on my site). Now, if I”m going to comment, I have to have a paid subscription. Poo.    I’d love to respond to the snooty […]

Acronyms 2.0

November 13, 2012


UC2B stands for our local broadband effort (U-C is Urbana Champaign and 2B is Broad Band). mtt2k stands for   the “Mystery Teacher Theater 2000” from the summer. Does that mean I should be thinking of a similar string for my math lessons?  There seems to be a trend away from pronounceable letter strings (“CAS” […]

Trudge, trudge

November 12, 2012


I managed to complete an assignment with 18/20 as the grade… that In Real Life Ain’t Gonna Work. That would be the “prototype” for the web page I’d apply my Javascript skill to, for the Javascript class.   Yes, I completed the Things It Was Supposed To Have but… did it communicate?   The critical comment: […]

Constructing with Concrete

November 8, 2012


… so!  My next task is to construct a bit of a template for making a lesson for our “conceptual math” module, a four-week, 8 session tutorial in basic math concepts.   I’m going to model it after Orton-Gillingham reading lessons, with room for thinking constructively… and stuff to do in the extra two hours/wk students […]

C++ B–

November 2, 2012


Just had a student come in looking for help w/ her C++ homework. I don’t know from C++.   However, it looked like she was having trouble with framing the problem, not the code. We don’t have C++ tutors adn… I might just want to learn it some fine day. I spent a full minute gazing […]