Hermione’s not happy…

Posted on October 22, 2012


…. okay, I *got* the assignment done (I think -0 – haven’t done the “go check the assignment and make sure what you did is what it asked for” process), but … it reminds me of helping folks with assignments where I’m reasonably positive the teacher didn’t grok the hidden obstacles.   I’m supposed to use jquery which seems to have a fascinating menu of cool things — but I don’t have the vocabulary to understand what things do.   I’m sure “toggle” is something wonderful but it seems to only *usually* make something appear and disappear; I think I can tell it to toggle other activities.   Or not.  What does it mean to “slide”?

I’ll learn the stuff, but it means I don’t have search terms.

This reminds me of some   video games, some of ’em “educational,” that I’ve played… Timez Attack (sp?) is one of them.   I’m supposed to just wander around and try things, that have nothing to do with my task.   I *don’t* enjoy it, tho’ I know some folks do.    Let this hyperlexic Hermione have her words 😉

My next move is to go do the documentation *without* a task to do, and just work through some of the cute methods that do the nice tricks to the stuff on the page… and if that is more blissful, then I will put the “just get some general knowledge before you try your assignment” further up on the priority list.   Off to jquery.com now…

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