Posted on October 15, 2012


Midterm grades in; B on that midterm, which is a valid assessment of my knowledge 😉 (A average ’cause my inner Hermione has been doing a good job of doing thorough assignments.)

I painfully acknowledge that it seems like I *will* be able to put in 2-3 hours/week on homeworky stuff… midterms have happened for students, too, and many of the folks who’ve been coming in for help are dropping the courses because it wasn’t enough to keep them above water. Statistically speaking *more* of them get through than the abysmal percentage of students who don’t, but it does make one wonder if the missing factor is the willingness to look for help, and that really, other resources would be as effective.  I don’t *think* so, since people walk out of here knowing a lot more than when they walked in, but… welp, it’s even more encouragement to develop other resources.

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