familiar logos

Posted on October 3, 2012


I went upstairs to go into a computer classroom… but there were classes happening in all of ’em so I went back down — but on the way I espied, through the window of D227, a familiar picture on the screen; some complicated 3D animation from one of my classes.   I was conspicuous enough in my espying, I’m afraid, to inspire the silhouette by the screen to wave at me… so I do hope it was my teacher 😉

It made me consider that while our eyes are drawn to motion and novelty … they are also drawnto familiar icons, which this had become in my memory.  It reinforces my urge to make an icon for “Miss Conception.”

Frustration still in the software department though. I’m stuck using Dreamweaver 5.5 — absolutely no big deal with what we’re doing, but the whole principle of the thing sucks. I paid for CS6 and I should be able to use it.  I get apologies on the FB page — and a suggestion for activating Acrobat… which I thought worked but now I’m not sure and I’m too busy to mess with it right now.

Posted in: flash animation, rant