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Posted on October 1, 2012


I skipped class last week. Sometimes church and school conflict…

… this week’s work has three parts. Part one, the “basic,” took me about 3 hours to figure out.   Then it took another 45 minutes to do over because the file got erased. Since I was practicing what worked, I figured that was a blessing in disguise.  I was a little worried about getting the harder ones done (and, yea, worried that this stuff was too inscrutable for words).

Part two, the “intermediate,” took about half an hour, because there was a fairly closely related tutorial in .

Part three, the “well, do the best you can — this is more advanced!”  … took 10 minutes to find the code to do it at w3schools  .  I keep re-reading the assignment to see if there’s more to it, because, after all, I wasn’t there in class and perhaps there is some other meaning.   Time will tell!

Now, I’m doing this in Dreamweaver ’cause it’s what I have.   Or, at least it’s what I *should* have.   I can use the 5.5 that I was smart enough not to uninstall, but when I try to use the CS6 that I upgraded to, I’m told I have to renew my subscription.   Same if I try to do anything in Acrobat.   Why?  Welp, after I bought CS6 I decided that access to After Effects was worth subscribing to “the cloud.”   For dollars each month, I could download CS6 on two computers (but not use ’em at the same time), so I wouldn’t have to tote the laptop to work. AfterEffects was included in the mix (and a mess of otehr stuff I don’t know how to use).

However, the nuances of the “subscription” (and the fact that the work computer is 32 bit and therefore not up to After Effects at all) meant that well, actually, if I were at an airport and didn’t want to pay the premium to get on the internet, I couldn’t use the software.  You see, it is “smart” enough to detect the Internet… but not smart enough to have adobe tell it that yes, I’m paid up.

So, I canceled. Paid the 50% of the remaining time per the contract.

Welp, I tried to read a PDF yesterday.   I was told that there were updates available from Adobe so I took ’em.   Well, apparently that told Adobe that I should be paying for a subscription again.   Now I can’t use my Dreamweaver CS6.   I’m betting I only get one more time with Flash, too. (I did successfully open it with Adobe Reader.)

I was and am quite willing to pay for products.   I don’t mess around with trying to save the videos for future reference; I want to support people working hard to make good products.

HOwever, getting outright ripped off has me much more willing to pursue open source options.  If only, if only there were a for that!

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