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Like a back float II

October 30, 2012


I’m leaning away from trying to do lessons in JavaScript… so today I opened Flash and added the “win screen” to an exercise where you drag and drop pictures of 4, 16 and 64 onto 4^1, 4^2…. I’ve already decided to at least try including 4^0 in the mix. I was also reminded of a […]


October 24, 2012


Quote from student:  ‘The teacher told me I could get partial credit.   I said, “do I look like a partial woman?”  I re-did it for the A.’

Hermione’s not happy…

October 22, 2012


…. okay, I *got* the assignment done (I think -0 – haven’t done the “go check the assignment and make sure what you did is what it asked for” process), but … it reminds me of helping folks with assignments where I’m reasonably positive the teacher didn’t grok the hidden obstacles.   I’m supposed to use […]

Is math gibberish?

October 19, 2012

0 Seems the software “Mathgen” spewed forth enough words and equations and citations and references to look enough like real research to be accepted by waht its write-up on calls “ one of the many low-tier ‘open-access’ research mathematics journals. ”    Two thoughts:  First, this supports the claim by many students that really, this stuff […]


October 15, 2012


Midterm grades in; B on that midterm, which is a valid assessment of my knowledge 😉 (A average ’cause my inner Hermione has been doing a good job of doing thorough assignments.) I painfully acknowledge that it seems like I *will* be able to put in 2-3 hours/week on homeworky stuff… midterms have happened for […]

hard copy

October 11, 2012


I didn’t click on the link when it was online… I resisted.   However,  featured on the back of my hard copy “Education Week” is an article by Salman Khan.   He has so many lovely, flowing words about his site and technology. “The team here at Khan Academy has been actively working with incredible researchers and […]

Midterm done.

October 11, 2012


Reckon it’s a good thing to know what it’s like to be a student who feels like I’m not quite on the same page that I should be… I forgot to put my name on the paper, for starters… Then there was the coding to fix.  For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out […]


October 10, 2012


Things We Don’t Explain:   that when we say f(x)  we’re not multiplying F by X.   Yes, I know, I know, we told you that letters and parentheses and all that stuff meant to multiply — but you’re supposed to figure out that in *this* case, it means something different. Mid-term tonight. Suffering from “well, I […]

oh, those concepts?

October 3, 2012


So, the idea that students in the U.S. learn procedures and all too often don’t develop the concepts is not particularly arguable.   “Successful” math students are good at cranking out answers.  Some folks manage to figure out the concepts, but in spite of, not because of how it’s taught in too many places.   […]

Is it just me or…

October 3, 2012


… okay, I’ll try to phrase this more constructively. I got a link to a math resource, and it is inspiring me to pay attention to my web design…