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Extra steps, the typed part

September 12, 2012


I’ll do a LiveScribe version of this when I get the chance.   It’s really quiet and focused in the lab right now 🙂 The equation to solve is x/3 + 1/3 = x/2 + 1/2. “Clearing the fractions” is usually demonstrated as follows: 6( x/3 + 1/3) = 6(x/2 + 1/2) and then, like magic, […]

Those extra steps to clarify

September 11, 2012


When our students are confronted with a problem such as y/3 + 1/3 = y/2 + 1/2,   they’re taught to “clear the fractions,” by multiplying everything by the common denominator. Those who are firmly grounded in what equations and fractions mean *love* it.  They simply make everything six times as big, solve the problem and […]

advantages to coding

September 7, 2012


I walk by a student who’s trying to make an “if, then” cell in Excel and an 87% is deemed a failure, despite her very plain “if b3 > 59, “pass,” “fail.” Of course, the computer was taking 87% and turning it into .87, which is, of course, a whole lot less than 59 — […]

and now for something completely different

September 5, 2012


The Society for Preambling Friezes (every year at the festival, it’s a different “society) — watch the evolution.   Brilliant 🙂    My lil’ bro’.

Getting some good from the twitter world

September 4, 2012


Here’s a link I got from the folks I follow on twitter:   Yes, that would be “dumb robots cause students to learn more quickly.” Of course, I don’t like the anthropomorphism of the robots *or* the notion that the definition of the perjorative “dumb” is “making a mistake,” but essentially, if robots “explain” something […]

Actionscript fun….

September 2, 2012


… I’m feeling like a “real” … oh, programmer wouldn’t be the right term, but I just took a teeny bit of code through a fine tooth comb and … decided to try Different Things than the words… I’m trying to make a pingpong game per and I set the “ball” to move as […]