Is online education plateauing?

Posted on September 21, 2012


 Is Online Education Plateauing?   This article in Slate just puts it out there:  yes, it seems to be… and probably because while the technology is fascinating, “I’m not sure anyone’s really devised fantastic courses yet.”   D’oh!!!!   Goes on to say that now, more effort’s being put into content (and so the plateau might get some slope). That makes sense because the tech stuff is getting more accessible to folks like you and me.  I am *hoping* that there’s enough time in the days and nights to figure out how to do it 😉

Still excruciatingly busy in the lab, but we were told that we had access to D207, my favorite computer room in the world (it’s quiet, nobody knows I’m there, and I’ve so far managed to lie to and  convince my fingers that email and facebook and the like don’t work in there so I only do creative stuff).  I don’t yet but… if/when that gets rolling, I shall endeavor to find a way…


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