perimeter animations

Posted on September 20, 2012

0  — here’s another student’s claymation of perimeter.

Compare to

I’m thinking that I need to be mindful of having enough “visual” to make a story, but not having distractions.  Of course, there were exactly the same movement of camera issues that mean I simply wouldn’t use that lesson In Real Life, but I didn’t see the “perimeter” in those little pieces.   It also could have been that the other animation just had the one piece moving around and counting, as opposed to my unfolding of the claymation “tape measure.”    A little difference in how an idea gets generated can make a big difference in its quality.

That’s why I’m frustrated at doing this solo… but hey, it’s been almost quiet for seven minutes — and not because it’s between classes.  It’s Thursday, the sometimes-almost-quiet day, so I must needs get those guides for assessing conceptual understanding of math questions typed…

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