Gamification Prioritizations

Posted on September 19, 2012


My traipsing through the tutoring lab today — extremely busy, so that I’m tag-teaming with the Faculty tutor — is making me realize the extreme handiness of having some skills & concepts to automaticity.

I’m thinking that should be a serious priority in finding an instructional delivery method that differentiates and incrementalizes and automaticitizes (to completely abuse the language) for those specific skills, with a firm conceptual framework.

I wouldn’t put fractions on that list right away, for the simple reason that so many people struggle with fractions that the instructional materials aren’t designed with the expectation of mastery.

So, the question is:   What skills *should* be on that list?

I’m thinking that integer operations might actually be ahead of multiplication and division facts… that division might be ahead of multiplication (because more students don’t really understand what division is)… (and, by the way, I’ll find a way to tweet this, think of as many hash tags that people I follow use… and I’ll bet ten minutes on the trainer tonight that I get not.  a.   single.   response. )

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