Time to get semantic

Posted on September 16, 2012


So, in lieu of an actual assignment for class, I’m going to develop a web page — I need to learn CSS anyway, eh?  Lynda.com’s tutor tells me I need to label things semantically, so … what do you call the things like “exponents” or “fractions” or “division” — the things that a student will say “hey, I need to do my homework, and it’s in _____” about?

THe general goal for this week: at least half an hour learning (or at least practicing) actionscript and object oriented type things each day. Needs to be a language I speak.  (Monday’s crazy but I can do it in the a.m.  Caffeine makes all things possible.)   Then another half hour can be spent on the onerous task of figuring out what the web pages should look like, and then labeling those parts and figuring out what I want to do — and *then* what the best tools to do tha t with are.  I was going to back up and do multiplication but I think I’ll start with exponents because I already have content for that, and I want to make my mistakes on it.

Content:   five visual examples (I have one, sort of), with interaction at the end. Then a really interactive “make a picture of an exponent and label it.”   (Don’t forget to include the number answer.)

Ain’t nothin’ to it but to do it, eh?

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