greener grass

Posted on September 14, 2012


Not having had, basically, a minute to spare this week, I’ve wished that I had a way to clone myself.   Of course, the closest thing to doing that would be to develop the online learning modules… the ones I haven’t had a minute to work on because I’m so busy.  And, of course, if I can’t work on them, then they are only imaginary, which means they’re perfect.  The program’s always better if it hasn’t been developed yet 🙂

“most common search terms” for people who land here are still square root signs and “square root animation.”   Today’s included “active cognitive engagement” — which is something I coined, but I suppose somebody else might have, also.

Inside Higher Ed had an article about the Gates Foundation wanting to fund MOOCs for developmental ed. I contemplated what 50 grand would do… and figure that they’re looking for big bang ideas — which will work nicely for the low-hanging fruit, but those aren’t the folks walkig into my tutorspace.

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