Posted on September 13, 2012


I’ve spent about five times as much time as usual, it seems, being completely mired in horrifically basic stuff (like “is that a side or an angle?” or “Is that a plus or a minus?”)   …. and we’re shorthanded. it’s kinda like the way drivers get worse if I’m hugging the line on my bicycle.   It’s not the drivers, it’s my lane position.  It’s not the students — it’s that I need to learn to screen out the five students waiting for me, and not try to move the individuals faster.  Five confused students (thinking that they’re stupid, because somehow we got stuck on the names of things) who “got help” is worse than three who got it and two who had to wait a little longer…

That said, I just explained proofs as “the judge says you need enough evidence and it’s your job to find it. These are the things he’ll accept:   SAS….”   it was kinda fun and it worked, down to the students recognizing which pieces of evidence led to which pieces of the proof and that yes, they could study which pieces meant what and feel like they had some control over the situation. (“None of the teachers broke it down like that.”)

It’s Thursday and a little itty bitty bit quieter… so at least I’ll get to breathe.

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