Those extra steps to clarify

Posted on September 11, 2012


When our students are confronted with a problem such as y/3 + 1/3 = y/2 + 1/2,   they’re taught to “clear the fractions,” by multiplying everything by the common denominator.

Those who are firmly grounded in what equations and fractions mean *love* it.  They simply make everything six times as big, solve the problem and smile.

That would be, hmmm…. one student in five?   (Actually more, I’m sure — not everybody comes down here for help 😉 )

Even with my exciting and lucid dramatic explanation… welp, I’ll post it when I get another chance to breathe, which may not be for a while…

… this is *ideal* for using my LIvescribe pen, but with 7 students actively working in the lab, and animation students dropping by reminding me how to animate fights with clouds and stray body parts…

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