Getting some good from the twitter world

Posted on September 4, 2012


Here’s a link I got from the folks I follow on twitter:  

Yes, that would be “dumb robots cause students to learn more quickly.”

Of course, I don’t like the anthropomorphism of the robots *or* the notion that the definition of the perjorative “dumb” is “making a mistake,” but essentially, if robots “explain” something and then “learn” from students’ correction of their mistakes, the students (little kiddos ages 4-8) learn better than just plain ol’ … well, the uber-brief explanation didn’t say what the “best” was superior to, so I’d have to speculate.

However, that could perchance be included in any interactive materials — but (at least for my much older, much more ingrained with uncertainty students) would I think have to be structured so students got good, quick feedback.

(Um, no.   I still have yet to ever get a response when I reply to somebody’s tweet.  I wonder if they all think I’m a strange breed of troll. It reminds me of college and the advice from Steve Clancy about living in that girls’ dormitory:   if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em … but if they won’t let you join ’em…  f(orget) ’em.)

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