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Twitter is a good thing.

September 27, 2012


Okay, I’m sold. Twitter is a good thing. I’m getting links like this: … which I don’t have time to analyze but I’m going to read it — and when I’m over at doing those cool “click and try it!” exercises I’ll keep in mind the limitations of doing that — especially since […]

Wrong division

September 26, 2012


Today I had the non-pleasure of walking several students through long division. Hey, it’s In The Curriculum. I do, absolutely, think there’s value in knowing how to do long division, and learning what the pieces of the process mean. However, when a student doesn’t know single digit multiplication, much less division, and doesn’t know how […]

Learning Math Concepts

September 25, 2012

0 I’m afraid that one huge thought clouded my reading:  and they think the kiddos are learning the concepts?   After all, there’s about forty tons of research indicating that what junior high kiddos learn rather extremely well is that “math” is a bunch of procedures.   There’s stuff they do with numbers in the real world, […]

Let the computer be your tutor

September 24, 2012


That was part of a post on my LINCS community (adult ed), and the poster noted that after saying that for years, it became apparent that the computer tutor role was pretty finite for many students, and that we’ve got a ways to go in content development. However, I’m looking at and a couple […]

Is online education plateauing?

September 21, 2012


 Is Online Education Plateauing?   This article in Slate just puts it out there:  yes, it seems to be… and probably because while the technology is fascinating, “I’m not sure anyone’s really devised fantastic courses yet.”   D’oh!!!!   Goes on to say that now, more effort’s being put into content (and so the plateau […]

perimeter animations

September 20, 2012

0  — here’s another student’s claymation of perimeter. Compare to … I’m thinking that I need to be mindful of having enough “visual” to make a story, but not having distractions.  Of course, there were exactly the same movement of camera issues that mean I simply wouldn’t use that lesson In Real Life, but […]

Gamification Prioritizations

September 19, 2012


My traipsing through the tutoring lab today — extremely busy, so that I’m tag-teaming with the Faculty tutor — is making me realize the extreme handiness of having some skills & concepts to automaticity. I’m thinking that should be a serious priority in finding an instructional delivery method that differentiates and incrementalizes and automaticitizes (to […]

Time to get semantic

September 16, 2012


So, in lieu of an actual assignment for class, I’m going to develop a web page — I need to learn CSS anyway, eh?’s tutor tells me I need to label things semantically, so … what do you call the things like “exponents” or “fractions” or “division” — the things that a student will […]

greener grass

September 14, 2012


Not having had, basically, a minute to spare this week, I’ve wished that I had a way to clone myself.   Of course, the closest thing to doing that would be to develop the online learning modules… the ones I haven’t had a minute to work on because I’m so busy.  And, of course, if I […]


September 13, 2012


I’ve spent about five times as much time as usual, it seems, being completely mired in horrifically basic stuff (like “is that a side or an angle?” or “Is that a plus or a minus?”)   …. and we’re shorthanded. it’s kinda like the way drivers get worse if I’m hugging the line on my bicycle.   […]