Third Prize~

Posted on August 30, 2012


Yes, I emailed all my Parkland College Graphic Arts teachers to show them that those Graphic Design skills pay off but no, I’m not quitting the day job ;).

However, I am thinking about where to go with math and animated interactive lessons… perhaps a proposal for a concept-based math module like the one we’re piloting at mid-term, which is why I really wish that the discussion of the videos would go further than “it has a talking robot” and “neat alternative explanation.” (The award was posted to twitter and “is she on twitter?” was asked… welp, yes, and I’d posted with the #mtt2k hash tag with the link to my entry… but I’m still completely, utterly invisible on twitter — I don’t have the right clique click or something or its’ something technical I’m missing – but it is fun to read what otehrs post, especially since the “oh, those snarky people! Stop picking on such a good guy!” folks have gone on to other duties) And it’s quiet in here now…

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