Posted on August 16, 2012


… somebody else does it, too 🙂

… and gets in those classic mathy puns (sounds obtuse… that’s a cute way to put it…)

He has an entry into #mtt2k, too, which is quite pithy.   Yes, the lesson he picked has basic errors (says “inverse” when he means reciprocal) and the sloppy language confusions that he does frequently which  are fine if you already know there are different ways to express one idea, but when you’re being introduced to an idea, you probably don’t know them yet.

   But of course, as the new-to-college kiddo keeps asserting, that’s all nitpicking and immature. I’ll let him have the last word.

    Sigh. Unsuccessful in getting either interval notation animated or wrapping up the assessor’s questions for our conceptual math module… there are 45 minutes left in the workday and it looks like the storms will clear about then…


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