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Posted on August 15, 2012


   I received the prompt(s) for the “get out and blog” group.   I appreciate this because I can drift away from blogging and it really helps me to keep the “long view” in what I’m doing. I also appreciate a choice of prompts, some geared towards K-12 schoolteachers and other more vague ones that folks like me wouldn’t have to adapt.

   My goal for the first week of classes is … to keep my desk reasonably neat, *and* — the real kicker — to … yes… I really mean it this time… no, really…

… Commit discrete time away from my desk to developing things. This is a walk-in lab so I tend to try to “do stuff when it’s not busy.”   It sometimes works.  Last semester the world survived when I left to take a class in the middle of the day… I have put Mon and Tues 2:00-3:00 as “work on the conceptual math module” time, and 1:00-2:00 as Lunch Time (an even more challenging concept).  

  But since the other related goal is get focused in the not busy time, that’s all for this post!

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