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Posted on August 14, 2012


   Spent the week in the mountains — not as much hiking as last year, when we tackled Bear Church Rock as well as “backwards” Old Rag   This year it was Big Meadows and for me just the “regular” trip up to the summit and back. I reconciled my reluctance to do the rock scramble with my strong preference for road over mountain biking.  Let me find a rhythm and climb; This whole 3-D thing of scrambling over rocks (and using my puny arms) … it’s just not as fun.

    Wednesday night we had wild storms — and looked over to my brother’s cabin and saw flashlights dancing in the height of very close lightning.  No, they weren’t playing flashlight tag; turns out a couple of guys on mountain bikes saw their light and decided to ask for shelter ’til things calmed down.  Thursday brother Ralph & wife did their own hike and watched amazing clouds threaten, but not rain (despite 90% chance).

   So, I got time to mess around on the computer and think of the semester ahead. I roughed out an animation of interval notation…  going to go for a “minimal words” version next. Also sprouted   some ideas for integrating interactions, and a revival of the silly idea of turning a math book into a graphic novel.Came back to 45 more visits to my mtt2k entry, including a revisit from “ramrants” who repeated the “you’re so snarky” mantra with “you do it, then” and “put up or shut up.”   I sent it back — since the video does “put up” other ideas, I suggested again that it’s easier to call something snarky than to address it and that he had his “right answer” script from Sal Khan… because rather consistently it’s folks who are already invested in Khan Academy (such as those who have sites with a ton of links to it) who are “defending” it.  
  I viewed another entry into the contest … like me, the guy has trouble actually making it through… I’m out going to call it a “scholar” thing, not a “nerd” thing.  Sal Khan’s videos are simply not anything like scholarly.  ’nuff said. Go to YouTube and mtt2k to find ’em all… I”m going to turn in and get ready for the flight to teh Midwest tomorrow…

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