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Posted on August 13, 2012


…. I”m back in Internet land, after a week in the woods of Virginia — I had phone access for a bit on top of Old Rag Mountain, and that was it.

   My google search had a “hit” for mtt2k — a post from Dan Meyer about his entry about Sal Khan doing an Angry Birds lecture.

    The comments were closed because he “couldn’t handle it. Sorry.”

    What couldn’t he handle?   Welp, several of the comments ran through the expected Khan Academy fanbots saying “why are you critiquing?  Who says it’s supposed to be [one of Sal Khan’s claims]?  You all are so…”  and a very well-delivered “I’m so disappointed”  one expressing that his “hating on” KA doesn’t help teachers out in the field.

    He did answer with the facts — that actually, it’s Sal Khan making the claims that those of us who “dare” critique his lessons are questioning and that well, yes, actually we have seen them used.   (He didn’t answer the “gee, you disappoint me, you’ve sold out” post.) 

    Welp, it’s my turn to be a little more disappointed in Dan Meyer — I’ve found that when I get the “why you hatin’ on him?” stuff, as soon as I ask for support for the “he’s just wonderful!” and ask how many videos *they* have seen and/or used…  the Loyal Khan Follwers suddenly find other places to be.  Now, they can say “see! He closed the comments!   He knows we’re right!”  to each other…

 . One of my big issues with Sal Khan is his happy-go-lucky “hey, I just ignore any comments I don’t want to deal with” attitude, and feel like I”d be a hypocrite if I chose the same path.  HOwever, I duly respect any blogger’s right to not handle anything they don’t feel they can handle..





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