second effort II

Posted on August 2, 2012


Every time I see that folks have gone to my “second effort” post explaining why I had to enter the #mtt2k contest, I get a Stan Rogers  earworm. Second Effort is a song written for a story about the Olympics called “So Hard to be So Strong.”   “I did my best, with all the rest, but it just wasn’t good enough… and I’ve been workin and prayin’ too hard just to make it here… to merely swallow my pride, and walk outside, and come back another year.”

I gave that title ’cause I’d just had to start all over figuring out an actionscript thing for my math lesson…  but for anybody feeling that way  — you don’t have to swallow anything.   You don’t have to be “best” — because the people you think you’re trying to be the best of … might actually be on your team.  “Put downs” can also be used as paths to improvement.

That particular album has just been remastered.

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