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The Cloud

July 17, 2012


  … is a bunbite. Just sayin’. I suppose it is a lot like my students say learning math is — Adobe has not exactly gone out of its way to make the paths clear. If Imake the blunder of trying to just open the software, I’m directed to sign in to Adobe… I’m not […]

x finds its value

July 16, 2012


Got this link from my friend John Minor: It’s incurably cute and yes, has too much in one video for an intro but it’s a great little review.    Let’s go to the equation playground!

second effort

July 15, 2012


There’s a “Khan-test” now to critique a Khan Academy video in an entertaining and enlightening way.  (That’s “contest,” with cash prizes.) When I saw my first two Khan videos, I was inspired  to sign up for the next courses in Parkland College’s Graphic Design curriculum.   When  the course ended in May, I realized I […]

It’s all symbolic

July 13, 2012


I know the math students think we’re always changing the rules. Hey, it’s what Flash does, right? I’m telling myself that really, there is sense to it and that things like curses don’t help find that sense ; The Mean Lids are in the background (they played the Buvons Wine Bar last night) and it’s […]

plopped in my lap

July 8, 2012


So! Things have been going a *little* better in the Learning Actionscript world… enough so I think it’s time to try to make something of my own. I really do forget the stuff if I go away from it, so far, which should be a reminder of what it’s like to be a math student […]