Uploaded! Mtt2k is in …

Posted on July 30, 2012


Not sayin’ I don’t reserve the right to edit and update, but my #mtt2k is up there. www.youtube.com/watch?v=17aDeIvY1MM   I tweeted thusly but didn’t get nearly the attention that http://drtae.org/am-i-a-world-class-pool-player-or-what/  did…   as far as a direct hit on the “logic” of Khan followers, he nailed it.

I didn’t put Miss Conception in there…

The world of Twitter is a little confounding — I’m sure I’ve broken many the social “rule” with assorted @me and @you and retweetings…  and condensing things to that many characters seems to bring out the negative in me, tho’ that might just be a function of what we’re discussing. This enterprise has not netted me a single “follower,” tho’ I’m not sure that means anything either…

I also have to make sure it doesn’t become a timekiller, like, oh, Bejeweled Blitz or what have you;)
So it is time to get back to looking at assessing math reasoning… and then to learning to gamify.   Miss Conception is calling 😉

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