Posted on July 26, 2012


   Happens that a student, just about closing time, asked about writing fanfiction, andthat she had lots of ideas to write about but wanted to make it happen. I told her about nanowrimo – National Novel Writing Month, an online community effort to inspire people to write 50,000 words in November.

   On my ride home, a story composed itself.   Once upon a time, there was a person with a financial job who was a: getting into a spot of trouble for her schemes or b: really not doing such a good job, so the company wanted to find her another line of work. Hey, they told her, we talked to our lawyers and they’ll set you up as a non-profit… an educational site.  YOu know those videos you did?  Do some more of them.   We know some folks, we’ll get you some grants.  Don’t worry about making good ones — it’s not like we really want this to go anywhere.  We just need to have paperwork looking right.
     THe plot twisted a bit when the site got popular, but the person kinda thought she knew a whole lot about everything, so she just kept putting up videos and going on speaking engagements.
      The publicity, though, meant some small-time teacher-types called attention to the one-off videos, since they had mistakes, but she spun it as being an outsider and not constrained by all those “rules” that teacher liked to put on people and, hey, it was free!   Any mistakes were to get the students to think, because it’s all about thinking deeply!   And they laughed deeply after hours, reading that it wasn’t just their friends posting that the movies were just so good — better than the teachers! — and she had given up her job to do this and what were all these haters doing — were they just jealous??   But they checked their paperwork… and hoped that the news folks would just stay focused on her winning personality, not her salary…

   But no, if I do nanowrimo, that won’t be the story… but happily it reminds me that I can go back and look at my last November’s math stories…

   I don’t know, think it could make it as a TV drama? 


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