Inspiration ;)

Posted on July 24, 2012


So, I’m doing this tedious stuff … the “return on my investment’ is pretty low… but I do have a talking robot 😉    At times I start questioning the value of this *ton* of time … that isn’t even for a math video, really — it’s the spoofy part I’m working on… and it’s rankly amateur, and I’m rather old-fashioned and that matters to me. I’m “doing the assignment” for the sake of doing the assignment.

    Then I remember chatting on a bike ride about my class and turns out one of my biking buddies had taken a class with my teacher… and remembered a project that had taken a ton of time and… blown up and not turned out . so I say to self, quitcher whinin’.

   But time to ride the bike 🙂 Perhaps tomorrow I’ll have a “next draft” to show…

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