It’s all symbolic

Posted on July 13, 2012


I know the math students think we’re always changing the rules. Hey, it’s what Flash does, right? I’m telling myself that really, there is sense to it and that things like curses don’t help find that sense ; The Mean Lids are in the background (they played the Buvons Wine Bar last night) and it’s the Fifth Friday Off for the summer…

11:08 — yea, verily. Noting on a note card: Edit SYmbols From Library and it does make sense to do it that way because if you edit individuals you don’t know who else you’re editing.
11:29 so now the nice thingies are snappingb ack to their original positions… but… I’ve gotten this far before. Drum roll…
12:04 … success! Note to self: do this coding stuff (when you can completely focus on it.
(and I *think* I can make it do what I want it to do… but time for a break…)
1:23 9 slightly steamy miles (86 degrees) and a couple of inspirations. Musings about bringing junk food to the food pantry, as it were… and a “package” of labels for the interactive stuff. Think I need to get the game design book I was looking at for when I’m ready to ocmplicate things (make levels and the like). But I could have a container with “problem, right answer, misconception answer, didn’t go far enough answer, one up or down answer,” that would send you to the assorted destinations… but now, on to the critiquey stuff.

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