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anti math people ism?

July 31, 2012

0 Here is yet another person saying that as far as he could tell, the critiques of SK are nitpicking. Now, is that based on anything?  Does he say, “I watched N videos and they seemed accurate to me?”  Can he back up what he says?  Well, no… but that’s not important. Does he say, […]

Uploaded! Mtt2k is in …

July 30, 2012


Not sayin’ I don’t reserve the right to edit and update, but my #mtt2k is up there.   I tweeted thusly but didn’t get nearly the attention that  did…   as far as a direct hit on the “logic” of Khan followers, he nailed it. I didn’t put Miss Conception in there… The world […]

easily encouraged…

July 27, 2012


… I’m still hitting obstacles and inanities — the “okay, the first fifteen times I did this, it worked, and now it doesn’t — WHY?~? — and no, I don’t know another way”  thing… but now, twice, within a minute I’ve figured out why it didn’t work and what to do about it.   (No. I […]


July 26, 2012


   Happens that a student, just about closing time, asked about writing fanfiction, andthat she had lots of ideas to write about but wanted to make it happen. I told her about nanowrimo – National Novel Writing Month, an online community effort to inspire people to write 50,000 words in November.    On my ride […]


July 25, 2012


…. the Washington Post has a guest blog from Karim Kai Ani about the Khan Academy and its hype. ( )  … and people are fervently defending KA, even aside from the Typical Trollposters. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that so many people really think that helping people Survive Math HOmework and Get Finished […]

Inspiration ;)

July 24, 2012


So, I’m doing this tedious stuff … the “return on my investment’ is pretty low… but I do have a talking robot 😉    At times I start questioning the value of this *ton* of time … that isn’t even for a math video, really — it’s the spoofy part I’m working on… and it’s rankly […]

David Combs

July 21, 2012


David Combs

It was most excellent to see David, dropping in to say hello on the Tuesday ride.

The Cloud

July 17, 2012


  … is a bunbite. Just sayin’. I suppose it is a lot like my students say learning math is — Adobe has not exactly gone out of its way to make the paths clear. If Imake the blunder of trying to just open the software, I’m directed to sign in to Adobe… I’m not […]

x finds its value

July 16, 2012


Got this link from my friend John Minor: It’s incurably cute and yes, has too much in one video for an intro but it’s a great little review.    Let’s go to the equation playground!

second effort

July 15, 2012


There’s a “Khan-test” now to critique a Khan Academy video in an entertaining and enlightening way.  (That’s “contest,” with cash prizes.) When I saw my first two Khan videos, I was inspired  to sign up for the next courses in Parkland College’s Graphic Design curriculum.   When  the course ended in May, I realized I […]