Multiple Guess

Posted on June 4, 2012


Multiple choice questions are a lot easier to manage with online learning, tho’ they do have the huge disadvantage of reducing a task from coming up with the right answer to recognizing it. However, I’m thinking that with assessing math reasoning and math concepts, that there are other advantages. If I have four possible answers: the right one, the Most Common Misconception Application one, a “wrong operation” one and .

.. oh, right now I’ll just say “outlier” until I research, reconstruct or remember other ways people make mistakes (second most common misconception?) — the article about dvpmtl math students’ concepts can probably help —

… other categories, then I can tally the answers from the different kinds of categories.   I can know how many a person got right — *and* how many they clicked per each category.   Hmmm….

   … workin’ on actionscript. back to it.

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