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June 29, 2012


So I’m hitting walls and walls and walls. I’m getting error messages… and I google and find out that well, actually, lots of people get that error message and… well, nobody really knows why. You just kind of hope that if you mess around enough it will go away. I rather strongly prefer when things […]

fractions, the f word

June 22, 2012

0   No surprise to me, it’s the folks who actually understand fractions in fifth grade who go on to understand math later.   Now, if only I could understand why my code is breaking 😉   Considering signing up for CSC 175, the Javascript class…

more flippy dippy stuff

June 20, 2012


Washington Post had another article on those flipped classrooms.  It follows exactly the same pattern as I’d noticed before:   the people who like it are in advanced classes. In this case, all the classes talked about were advanced high school math courses. I am willing to bet $25 that the videos are procedural. Just sayin’.


June 7, 2012


“Grrr, there goes my heart’s abhorrence Water your damned flowerpots, do!” (from Robert Browning’s Soliloquy of the Spanish Cloister)… yesterday was full of that. This a.m. so far a little better. *Nothing* worked — but riding in I figured one problem out (if you’ve got a duplicate layer on top of what you’re trying to […]

Setting examples

June 6, 2012

0 seems to be lacking in lessons in specifically making a quick interactive quiz type exercise, unless I’m missing the key words.  Hmmm…. perhaps today should the day to explore any discussion groups there…    I put out a wider search and found “” — I’m not even going to make that a link […]

Multiple Guess

June 4, 2012


Multiple choice questions are a lot easier to manage with online learning, tho’ they do have the huge disadvantage of reducing a task from coming up with the right answer to recognizing it. However, I’m thinking that with assessing math reasoning and math concepts, that there are other advantages. If I have four possible answers: […]

textbook on the computer

June 1, 2012


I’ve mentioned a few times that most online or computer-based math instruction seems to be little more than a textbook, stuck onto a computer display. Today I checked out and … how ’bout a blurry movie of a child reading the textbook? It’s quite a pleasant video, and the child then shows us some […]